Is your management your company's most important resource?

What if your most important people are stuck at home for days or weeks without electricity, internet and phones?

Who will help if your key people are in danger in unsafe countries?


Evacuates your management team and their families and takes them safely to another operational site or location of your choice.

Exfiltrates your employees from unsafe countries in case of sudden civil unrest or natural disasters.

The Halevi.Partner Management Safety & Security Program (MSP) is a tailor-made safety net for the key people in your company. It keeps your employees and their families safe in the event of an emergency while ensuring uninterrupted management for your business.

In addition to our emergency services, Halevi.Partner is your experienced, objective and independent advisor on all security matters. Whether you have questions about the travel safety of your employees, training in situational awareness, the personal safety of your top management, an audit of the property protection of your company sites or aviation security, our security experts are at your disposal.

Please contact us for further information or your tailor made offer.

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