Violent and armed attacks have increased significantly in recent years - also and especially in Europe. The spectrum ranges from spontaneous and aggressive individual offenders in public areas, racist or religiously motivated attacks against companies to meticulously planned acts of terrorism, for example at concerts or public events. Basically any larger group of civilians, such as Christmas markets or even city center walking zones, may become a target of hate-crime.

Security authorities worldwide have reacted to this within the scope of their possibilities and have strengthened both general surveillance and specific preventive measures. Nevertheless, international experience shows that the level of individual protection can be significantly increased through low-threshold measures and investments in a mindset we like to call “safety culture”.

Halevi.Partner creates audits of existing security systems, realistic security and threat analysis, develops practical, everyday security plans for various threat situations. In a second step Halevi.Partner trains your employees, ranging from non-security related office clerks to highly specialized security personell. This increases the security culture in your company and minimizes risk.

Does this sound familiar?

When we hear that "something happened somewhere" thoughts like these often arise: Could this also happen at US? How would it have ended with US? Are we prepared? Have I done everything in my area of ​​responsibility to prevent a disaster?

Often such thoughts are quickly pushed aside because "there is nothing you can do about crazy people and disasters" and "at the end of the day it is all up to the police".

Well, that's not the case. As the person responsible for your employees, customers and visitors, it is also your job to ensure their safety. Even simple and inexpensive measures can raise the security level considerably and reduce risk. International experience shows that the creation of a security culture in organizations significantly increases the subjective and objective security of people.

  • expertise

Public Security

  • Event-Organizers und Event-Locations
  • Cultural Establishments
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Public Transport
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Violent and armed attacks have increased significantly in recent years - also and especially in Europe. The spectrum ranges from spontaneous and aggressive individual offenders in the street, racist or religiously motivated attacks to systematically planned acts of terrorism at concerts or public events, in principle wherever large groups of people are present.

Halevi.Partner's offer is aimed at those responsible in public places, at organisers of public events and decision-makers at security departments. Security measures must be moderate and well balanced so as not to restrict public life or bring it to a standstill. While it has become common practice at football matches in Europe to check visitors for weapons and throwing devices, scanning visitors to an opera performance would be very disturbing to guests and therefore very carefully considered.

For Halevi.Partner, security is not an end in itself, but the result of a balanced security culture based on decades of experience and know-how. Even relatively simple and inexpensive measures can bring about a significant increase in security.

Corporate Security

  • Facility Management
  • Media
  • Banks and Insurance Companies
  • Law Firms, Accountants, Doctors Offices
  • Vital Industries
  • Large-Scale Industries
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Today, companies are exposed to a wide range of threat scenarios. While cyber-security is known to attack organizations via the Internet, so-called “social engineering” is actually one of the most successful vectors of cyber crime: through targeted manipulation and deception, people are made to act (consciously or unconsciously) against their own interest or the interest of their company and disclose confidential data. To do this, attackers use sophisticated intelligence methods to target selected employees for their purposes.

Also direct physical threats in office buildings, clinics, editorial offices etc. today represent a real danger. In a heated world situation, following any reported security incident the probability for further attacks by organized or individually operating groups, copycat criminals and freeloaders is growing

Halevi.Partner creates realistic security and threat analysis for your company, develops practical, everyday security plans for different hazard situations and trains your employees accordingly. This increases the security culture in your company and minimizes risk.

Security in everyday life

  • Private Individuals
  • Educational Establishments
  • Corporations wishing to offer security workshops to their employees
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Across Europe, violent and armed attacks in public spaces have increased significantly in recent years. The spectrum ranges from spontaneous and aggressive individual offenders on the street to systematically planned acts of terrorism, for example at concerts or public events, such as Christmas markets - in principle wherever large groups of people stay.

The aggression is directed against the general public, not specifically against certain people or groups of people. The victims of such aggression are always individuals who happen to be in a certain place at the wrong time.

Halevi.Partner´s offering is aimed not only at organizers (see security in public spaces) but also at private individuals. International experience shows that with appropriate training and education, individuals can significantly increase their level of personal protection. In the event of an attack, prepared individuals have a reduced risk of injury and a significantly higher chance of survival.

Halevi.Partner offers courses and training for groups and individuals. Courses cover situational awareness, best practice emergency procedures and simple self defence techniques for emergency situations in public areas. The offer is also targeting companies and organisations that want to offer their employees useful training and exciting workshops in the field of safety culture.

Personal Security

  • Politically exposed persons
  • Economically exposed persons
  • Securing home and family
  • Corporate assignments to insecure regions
  • Preparing for civil unrest in certain regions
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There are various reasons for the need to increase personal security. Halevi.Partner initially records your security needs in a structured interview. In a second step our consultants will together with you select the appropriate measures from a catalog created specifically for you. Our common goal is a security package that suits your needs and your security budget in a meaningful way. The result can range from simple measures such as a "Situational Awareness" course (in which attention and behavioral measures are trained in public areas, vehicles, hotels, etc.) to self-defense courses, firearms training, choosing technical security for your domicile and office, training of your house staff, drivers etc. up to choosing the appropriate vendor for your physical personal protection.

Aviation Security

Halevi Partner has over a hundred and fifty years of cumulated on the job experience in aviation security including line operation, charter and general aviation. We offer consulting in establishing security concepts on the ground as well as in the air including ground handling, passenger check in, baggage control as well as in-flight security for flying personell and air marshals. Please contact us for more information.

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Wir bieten die Durchführung einmaliger oder widerkehrender Sicherheits-Audits an. Dabei wird die Effizienz der bestehenden Sicherheitsmaßnahmen unter Berücksichtigung der aktuellen Gefährdungslage analysiert und mit dem Kunden besprochen. Diese Audits können unabhängig davon erfolgen, ob der Auftraggeber ggf. externe Sicherheitsdienstleister beschäftigt, eine eigene Sicherheitsabteilung unterhält oder keines von beiden.

Im Rahmen des Audits empfehlen wir, Halevi.Partner mit der Durchführung sogenannter „System Checks“ zu beauftragen. Es handelt sich dabei um unregelmäßige unangemeldete Überprüfungen des Sicherheitssystems, die von der unbeteiligten Öffentlichkeit unbemerkt ablaufen. System-Checks sind wesentliche Elemente professioneller Sicherheitssysteme, weil sie die Aufmerksamkeit des Sicherheitspersonals hoch halten und in realitätsnaher aber sicherer Weise den Ernstfall simulieren.


Basierend auf den Erkenntnissen des Audits erstellen wir Sicherheitspläne für unterschiedliche Gefährdungslagen. Wir nutzen dabei das bewährte Ampelsystem mit grün gelb und roter Alarmstufe. Über rote Alarmstufen nachzudenken erscheint in Zeiten der Ruhe vielleicht alarmistisch und übertrieben. Als für Ihr Unternehmen Verantwortlicher sollten Sie jedoch bedenken, wieviel Geld und vor allem Zeit und Risiko Sie sich ersparen, wenn Sie sich und Ihr Unternehmen nicht erst im Notfall auf diesen vorbereiten müssen.


Auf den Sicherheitsplan basierend schulen wir Ihre Sicherheitsverantwortlichen, Ihr Sicherheitspersonal und Ihre Mitarbeiter. Wir sind uns der möglichen Störungen und psychologischen Auswirkungen von überzogen erscheinenden Sicherheitsvorkehrungen auf Mitarbeiter, Kunden und Gäste bewusst. Wir präsentieren daher alle vorgeschlagenen Pläne und Maßnahmen und diskutieren diese in ausgewogener Weise mit Ihrer Geschäftsführung unter Hinweisen auf Rest-Risiken und Auswirkungen der Maßnahmen.

Die auf dem vereinbarten Sicherheitsplan resultierenden Maßnahmen können von kostengünstigem „cross-training“ ihres bestehenden Personals (Empfang, Fahrer, Ordnerdienst etc.) bis zur Unterstützung bei der Auswahl eines geeigneten Bewachungsunternehmens oder Sicherheitsfirma reichen. Wir unterstützen Sie dabei in weiterer Folge auch in der genauen Definition deren Aufgaben und erreichen so höchste Kosten-Nutzen Effizienz.


Gibt es einen Verantwortlichen für Sicherheitskultur in Ihrer Organisation?

Wenn ja, dann nehmen Sie sich eine Minute Zeit zu bedenken, wieviel Zeit und Geld Sie in die Weiterbildung, in Konferenzen und Schulung Ihrer Abteilungsleiter „Verkauf“, „R&D“ und „Personal“ stecken, während Ihr Sicherheitsverantwortlicher als „einsamer Wolf“ seine Abteilung leitet, ohne strukturierten Kontakt zu anderen Profis ohne Weiterbildung.

So wie Ärzte, Verkaufsprofis und Techniker benötigen auch Sicherheitsprofis den regelmäßigen Austausch mit internationalen Branchenkollegen und Weiterbildung, um den wachsenden Herausforderungen gewachsen zu sein und die Motivation zu erhalten. Sprechen Sie mit uns und wir definieren gemeinsam ein maßgeschneidertes Programm für Ihren Abteilungsleiter, so dass Ihre Sicherheitsabteilung ihr volles Potential erreicht.

Gibt es keinen Verantwortlichen für Sicherheitskultur in Ihrer Organisation, so laden wir Sie ein, diesen Bereich an Halevi.Partner auszugliedern. Halevi.Partner auditiert zunächst die derzeitigen Sicherheitsaufwendungen Ihrer Organisation und arbeitet danach eng mit Ihren externen Sicherheitsdienstleistern, Ordner Diensten und Ihrem Facility Manager zusammen. So wird nicht nur die Sicherheitskultur Ihrer Organisation gehoben sondern es können auch erhebliche Kosteneinsparungen erreicht werden.

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